Complaints and enquiries

You can use this page to make an enquiry or complaint about receiving telemarketing calls or marketing faxes.

Before you lodge an enquiry or complaint, you may have a question that can be answered by our frequently asked questions.

Enquiries and complaints can be made by completing the enquiry or complaint form, or by calling us on 1300 792 958. The customer service centre is open from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Australian time.

Consumer enquiries

I want to lodge an enquiry

You can make a general request for information, for example:

  • how to register your number
  • the calls or faxes you could still receive after registering your number
  • the permitted calling times for telemarketers and researchers
  • what telemarketers and researchers need to tell you when they call
  • the Do Not Call Register legislation or industry standard
  • the permitted faxing times for fax marketers
  • what fax marketers need to include on a marketing fax
  • what is the opt-out functionality in a marketing fax
  • how many faxes a marketer can send in a particular period to a particular number

Consumer complaints

I want to lodge a complaint

You can use this form to complain about a call or fax you have received. You can complain about:

  • receiving a telemarketing call or marketing fax more than 30 days after you have registered your number
  • receiving a telemarketing or research call outside the permitted calling times
  • a telemarketer or research caller not terminating a call when requested
  • a telemarketer or researcher not providing you with information on request
  • receiving a telemarketing or research call where the calling line identification (CLI) was not enabled
  • receiving a marketing fax outside of the allowable faxing times
  • a fax marketer not providing you with the required information
  • receiving a marketing fax that fails to offer an opt-out functionality
  • receiving more than 10 marketing faxes from a particular marketing advertiser in a 24 hour period.

How to complain effectively

The more information you are able to provide about the call or fax you received, the more action the ACMA is able to take. To ensure your complaint is as effective as possible, we need the following information:

  • the name of the company that called or faxed you (and its contact details)
  • what products and/or services were offered in the call/fax
  • whether any Calling Line Identification was displayed on your phone
  • the relationship you have with the company that called or faxed you (if any)
  • the time and date of the call or fax
  • the number on which the call or fax was received
  • your phone service provider
  • your personal details
  • your e-mail address or a phone number we can contact you on

The action that the ACMA can take about your complaint may be limited if you are unable to provide this information. To lodge a complaint about something other than receiving a call or fax, you simply need to provide your contact information and the details of your complaint.