• DNCR: A guide for your business

    To identify registered numbers, organisations are able to check—or ‘wash’—their calling lists against the register.

  • How do I register my number?

    To register your number and opt out of receiving telemarketing calls you can complete an online registration or call 1300 792 958.

  • Our commitment to privacy

    The Australian Media and Communications Authority is committed to your privacy and the secure collection of data.

  • What is the Do Not Call Register?

    It is a free service where consumers can securely register their home, mobile or fax numbers for free to reduce unsolicited telemarketing calls.

List your home, mobile or fax number to reduce telemarketing calls.

Registration is free.

For Consumers
For Industry
List your home, mobile or fax number to reduce telemarketing calls. Registration is free.

Telemarketers and fax marketers have 30 days from the date you register to stop contacting you.

Need help?

Call us Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Consumer Contact Centre:

Call the Consumer

Contact Centre on:

You must check your numbers against the register before telemarketing.

Under the Do Not Call Register Act 2006, telemarketers and fax marketers must not contact numbers registered on the Do Not Call Register (with some exemptions ).

Need help?

Call us Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Industry Contact Centre:

Call the Industry

Contact Centre on:

consumer alerts

Consumer Alerts

For important updates on issues effecting the Do Not Call Register.

The ACMA is reminding consumers to raise their guard as the new financial year is a prime time for tax related scams.

We are warning consumers to be wary of calls offering compensation following a recent Do Not Call Register court case.

The Computer Virus scam is one of the biggest phone scams of recent times—both in Australia and globally.

media releases

Media Releases

For the latest Do Not Call Register news and updates.

Life is easier for Australians wanting to opt-out of unsolicited telemarketing calls, as registrations of numbers on the Do Not Call Register are now permanent.

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Latest social media updates from the ACMA
acmadotgov | view post | 2 days ago

Travelling for schoolies this week? Don’t bring BILL SHOCK home with you! Be aware of extra charges you might rack up away from home—increased data downloads, extra phone calls to the parents or roaming charges if you’re overseas. Check out our tips for managing your mobile usage— http://www.acma.gov.au/theACMA/engage-blogs/engage-blogs/Telco/Managing-your-mobile-usage

acmadotgov | view post | 6 days ago

SCAM ALERT! ‘Qantas’ Dial One scam is back! This week the ACMA received dozens of reports from people on the Do Not Call Register about automated calls, supposedly from Qantas, claiming they have won $999 worth of free flights. All they have to do to claim this generous and unexpected prize is ‘Press 1’ and then hand over their credit card details! The ACMA is reminding people to be wary of these type of scam calls. If you get one, don’t ‘dial’ or ‘Press 1’ – HANG UP! More info about ‘dial 1’ scams: http://www.acma.gov.au/Citizen/Stay-protected/My-online-world/Spam/consumer-alert-scammers-posing-as-qantas-and-virgin-australia

acmadotgov | view post | 6 days ago

Want to avoid bill shock on your iPhone and iPad? If you’ve updated to iOS 9, be informed about a new feature—Wi-Fi Assist. Our latest blog explains this function and how it can result in bill shock. http://www.acma.gov.au/theACMA/engage-blogs/engage-blogs/Telco/Apples-latest-WiFi-Assist-feature?utm_source=s0cial&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=wifiassist

@acmadotgov | view tweet | 4 hours ago

ACMA field staff show us that work wear doesn’t have to be boring! Think pink https://t.co/2Uobyx7VKG https://t.co/NmfQHiHNvQ

@acmadotgov | view tweet | 1 day ago

RT @Scamwatch_gov: ACMA warns of sophisticated Qantas phone scam using prerecorded messages https://t.co/WKn9xNCYCh

@acmadotgov | view tweet | 1 day ago

ACMA: leadership & collaboration keys to developing “strong cybersecurity culture”, AISI example of this approach https://t.co/Ovro3KUw3e

@acmadotgov | view tweet | 1 day ago

In 2014-15 AISI reported 1.4 million Australian IP addresses as malware infected—@ITWire article https://t.co/Ovro3KUw3e

@acmadotgov | view tweet | 1 day ago

RT @eSafetyOffice: Launching #esafespaces with @LibrariesACT & @ALIANational at Gungahlin Library https://t.co/kbudOjKZHv

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Highlights from ‘Live captioning: let’s talk’, part of the Citizen Conversation series | 36 days ago
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