Industry FAQs

What are the contact centre hours?

You can call the Do Not Call Register contact centre on 1300 785 749 from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm.

Or you can lodge an online enquiry.

How do consumers register their numbers?

Individuals, or their nominees, can register their numbers online at, by calling 1300 792 958, by faxing 1300 793 514, or by mail.

Does the register extend to overseas callers?

The Do Not Call Register legislation applies irrespective of where the call or fax originates. For example, telemarketers operating out of South Africa must comply with the legislation in the same way as telemarketers operating out of Melbourne. In practice, however, if an overseas telemarketer is found in breach of the legislation, the ACMA will pursue the Australian company linked to that telemarketer or fax marketer.

What if I outsource telemarketing calls or marketing faxes?

Both the person making the call (the telemarketer) or sending the fax (the fax marketer) and the business requiring the call to be made or fax to be sent must comply with the Do Not Call Register legislation.

The legislation places a positive obligation on anyone entering into a telemarketing or fax marketing contract or arrangement with a third party to undertake such marketing on their behalf to include express provisions requiring compliance with the Act.

There are potential penalties for not including provisions to comply with the Act in contracts, understandings and agreements.

Can telemarketers contact the register in real time to see if a number is registered?

While turnaround times for list-washing are generally under one minute, businesses wanting to wash fewer than 10 numbers can do so immediately by using the Quick check facility.

Is there a free washing service?

Individuals or businesses that engage in telemarketing and/or fax marketing on an ad hoc basis and want to wash only a small amount of contact data (up to 500 numbers per annum) may take out subscription type A and not have to pay a fee.

There are certain limitations attached to subscription type A. You may only hold one subscription type A at a time. If you want to take out any other subscription type/s, you will have to cancel your subscription type A. If you do not cancel your subscription type A when you apply for another subscription type, it will be cancelled on your behalf.

How do I check my calling lists against the Do Not Call Register?

To gain access to the washing service (including the free washing service), individuals or businesses that engage in telemarketing and/or fax marketing must apply for a washing services account.

How do I export a washed list into Excel?

When a file has been washed and a user exports the results into Excel, the first zero is cut off. To ensure the leading zeroes are included, do the following:

  • Open up Microsoft Excel.
  • Select File > New.
  • Select Data > Import External Data > Import Data.
  • Browse to your file and open it. Excel will present you with a file conversion dialog box.
  • On the first screen, select ‘Delimited’ (the default) and click ‘Next’.
  • On the following screen, select ‘Comma’ as the delimiter and click ‘Next’.
  • On the following screen, highlight the column containing your product codes and select ‘Text’ as the Column Data Format. Click ‘Finish’ when done.
  • Now, when Excel opens the file, all leading zeros are preserved in the Code column.

Can market and social researchers call or fax numbers on the Do Not Call Register?

Market and social researchers can call or fax numbers on the Do Not Call Register to conduct opinion polling and standard questionnaire-based research. However, if a call or fax includes a commercial-type purpose, even if it is not the primary or sole purpose of the call or fax, it will fall within the definition of a ‘telemarketing call’ or ‘marketing fax’ and cannot be made to a number on the register.

There has been an error with my washing. Can I get it reversed?

Call the register operator on 1300 785 749 for information on list-washing reversals.

I have made a mistake with my subscription purchase—can I get a refund?

If you apply for a refund, the ACMA will assess your request according to the Do Not Call Subscriptions Refund Policy.

Will I be penalised if I make a call or send a fax by mistake?

A telemarketer who makes a call or a fax marketer who sends a fax to a number on the register, or causes a call to be made or fax to be sent, will not be liable for any penalty if they can satisfy the ACMA that the call was made/fax was sent by mistake.

What happens if I call or fax a number I believe may be contacted but the owner of the number claims it is registered?

If this occurs, the telemarketing or fax marketing company should investigate the cause of the call or fax immediately

If the marketer has washed its list against the register during the 30 days prior to the call or fax, and the register did not state that the number contacted was on the list, then the marketer will not be in breach of the legislation.

Can people who have suffered loss or damage as a result of a breach apply for compensation?

If the Federal Court or Federal Magistrates Court finds that one or more civil penalty provisions under the Act has been breached, a person who has suffered loss or damage as a result of those contraventions may apply to be compensated by the perpetrator. The application to the court can be made by that person or can be made on behalf of that person by the ACMA.

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