Subscription Overview

You need to create an account and buy a subscription to check your number lists against the register

There are two accounts available:

Administration accounts

The administration account allows for the purchase of subscriptions, washing of contact lists and the creation of wash-only accounts. This account will meet the needs of most account-holders. 

Wash-only accounts

The wash-only accounts are set up by the administrator to allow additional users to wash their lists on the one subscription and remain linked to the one account. These accounts suit large organisations where a number of departments make telemarketing calls or send marketing faxes.

Create an account here


Once you have created an account you can buy a subscription to access the washing service. Subscriptions vary in size and cost, with additional subscriptions able to be purchased at any time.

When buying a subscription you might consider:

  • the average size of the number lists you will be submitting for washing
  • how frequently number lists will be submitted for washing
  • the 30 day limit. In general you can rely on the washed list for 30 days. 

There are eight subscription types to choose from:

Subscription Type   Wash credits  Fee 
 A  500 $0
 B  20,000 $126
 C  100,000 $585
 D  1,000,000 $5,058
 E  10,000,000 $42,682
 F  20,000,000 $71,136 
 G  50,000,000 $106,703
 H  100,000,000 $142,271 

Please note that the above fees for subscriptions were approved by the ACMA on 27 September 2021 and came into effect on 1 October 2021. See the Register Legislation page for more information.

New users are encouraged to use the free subscription Type A to familiarise themselves with the washing service.

The subscription Type A has certain limitations. You may only hold one subscription Type A at a time. If you want to buy any other subscription type/s, your subscription Type A will be automatically cancelled and any remaining wash credits will be forfeited.

Paying for subscriptions

The ACMA accepts payment for subscriptions by credit card, EFT and BPay. Credit card payments are limited to $30,000. Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted. Subscriptions paid for by credit card will generally be activated immediately. Subscriptions paid for by EFT and BPay will not be activated until payment has been received and processed by the ACMA.

Duration of subscriptions

Subscriptions are valid for 12 months, commencing from the date of purchase. If you purchase another subscription before your current 12 month subscription expires, any remaining (unused) wash credits (other than Type A) will be added to your new subscription and have the new expiry date. If you do not purchase another subscription and it expires, any wash credits will be forfeited and will not be included in any subsequent subscription that you purchase.

A subscription expiry reminder will be emailed to you in the last month of your subscription. Subscriptions will not be automatically renewed.

Multiple subscriptions

You can purchase multiple subscriptions at any time. Your account will display a single number of wash credits showing how many numbers are left under your subscriptions collectively.

Washing History and Receipts

You will be able to view your remaining wash credits and washing history in your account and you will be directly emailed the receipts and outcomes of your washing.

Once you’ve reached your subscription limit, or you try to submit a list that exceeds the subscription limits, you’ll receive a warning message to buy an additional subscription (other than type A), if you wish to keep washing numbers.

Refund Policy

If an overpayment or duplicate payment is received, the Do Not Call Register will hold this as a credit to the account unless a refund is requested. The next time an order is created, the credit will be automatically applied to the order amount and any subscriptions on the order that are fully paid as a consequence will be immediately activated.

The following factors are considered when assessing a refund application:

  • the account history
  • if there has been washing against the subscription that is subject to the refund request
  • the reason for the refund request.

To apply for a refund, please lodge an enquiry or call 1300 785 749.


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