Registering numbers

Find out about registering numbers.

What numbers can be registered on the Do Not Call Register?

A number can be added to the register if it is used or maintained:

  • primarily for private or domestic purposes
  • exclusively for transmitting and/or receiving faxes
  • exclusively for use by a government body (Australian Federal, state, territory or local government; or government of a foreign country such as an embassy located in Australia).

Who can register a number?

To register a number, you must be:

  • an ‘account-holder’ - the individual or organisation responsible for the number
  • a ‘nominee’ - an individual who has been granted authority to register numbers for another individual. Evidence of nomination may include a statutory declaration or a certified copy of a power of attorney
  • an ‘authorised officer’ - an individual who has been granted authority to register numbers for an organisation. Evidence of authorisation may include:
    • a statutory declaration
    • a letter from a senior officer in the organisation stating authority to register numbers on behalf of the organisation
    • an invoice, front page of a bill, account statement, contract or tax receipt from the carriage service provider for the numbers to be registered, clearly indicating authority in relation to the account for the numbers to be registered.

How many numbers can I register?

You can register as many numbers as you wish, as long as you are the account holder, authorised officer or nominee for an account holder. The registration process differs depending on the number of numbers you wish to register.

Register up to 20 numbers

Register 21 or more numbers

How long does my registration last?

Your number will remain on the register indefinitely unless you actively remove it.

What does private or domestic use mean?

A number can be registered if it is used primarily for private or domestic purposes.

This is likely to be the case where:

  • the number is mainly used to receive personal calls, e.g. from friends and family
  • the account is held in the name of an individual
  • the account is located at a residential address
  • the account is not on a 'business' plan.

A number is less likely to be a eligible where:

  • the number is mainly used for business calls
  • the account is held in a business name
  • the account is on a 'business' plan
  • the number is displayed on a company's website, business card, or in a business directory.

What is a Government Number?

A number can be registered as a 'government number' if it is exclusively used or maintained for use by any department, agency, authority or instrumentality of:

  • the Australian Government
  • an Australian state, territory or local government
  • the government of a foreign country; for example, a foreign embassy located in Australia.

This is more likely to be the case where:

  • the staff are employed as public servants (for example, under the Public Service Act 1999)
  • the body is subject to laws that ordinarily only apply to government, such as freedom of information laws and laws relating to the management of public money (for example, Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997, Commonwealth Authorities and Accountability Act 1997 or equivalent state or territory legislation)
  • the body was established by legislation or government regulation as a government department or agency, a local government entity, a statutory authority or other defined government body
  • if the body maintains a web site that has a domain name ending in ''
  • there is some oversight or control of its functions and activities by the executive branch of government; that is, ministers and the public servants that assist them.

Local councils, and federal and state government departments, agencies and authorities all qualify as 'government bodies'. Organisations run by governments as a business enterprise are unlikely to be a 'government body'.

What is a fax number?

A number can be registered as a 'fax number' where:

  • it is exclusively used or maintained for sending and/or receiving faxes; or
  • if it is a dual phone/fax number and its primary purpose is for private or domestic use.

What is an emergency number?

The only emergency service numbers eligible for registration are '000', '112' and '106'. Organisations that perform emergency service functions may be eligible to register their numbers as a government number.

How do I change my registered number?

If you need to change your registered number, you should remove the number by telephoning 1300 792 958, or writing to and attaching this form.

You can register a number using the online form


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