Bulk applications: register, remove or check

To register, check or deregister 21 or more numbers in a single application.

A number is eligible for a bulk application if it is used or maintained:

  • primarily for private purposes
  • exclusively for transmitting and/or receiving faxes
  • exclusively for use by a government body. 

Business telephone numbers, including business dual purpose phone/fax numbers are generally not eligible for registration. You can register a business number if it is used or maintained exclusively for transmitting and/or receiving faxes.

When making a bulk application, you must provide:

  • the numbers in electronic files - see requirements below
  • separate electronic files for fax and telephone numbers
  • evidence that you are either an:
    • account holder (the individual or organisation solely responsible for the number/s)
    • authorised officer (someone who has the authority to apply for an organisation)
    • nominee (someone who has been granted authority to apply for another individual or organisation).


An authorised officer or nominee must provide evidence of their authority or nomination. This can be:

  • a statutory declaration - you can use the template provided
  • a letter from the organisation - this should be from a senior officer in the organisation and must state that you have the authority to register/check/deregister numbers on behalf of the organisation
  • Other written evidence, such as a certified copy of power of attorney (in the case of a nominee).

If you are an account holder, authorised officer or nominee you must also provide supporting evidence to verify the numbers belong to the account holder: This can be an invoice, the front page of a bill showing the number/s, account statement, contract or tax receipt from the carriage service provider for the numbers to be registered.

File format for numbers

  • files must be in comma separated value (CSV) format
  • all numbers must be listed individually - number ranges cannot be processed
  • contain numbers that are between 3 and 7, or exactly 10 digits long and include the area codes, but not country codes
  • contain numbers that commence with a zero (0) or a one (1)
  • numbers can contain brackets, hyphens, dashes and spaces
  • commas (,) are not allowed because they are used as delimiters
  • contain only a single column of numbers and not include other data or data fields, for example, names and addresses, blank cells or hidden characters (both commonly entered by pasting in copied data)
  • be no larger than 10MB, compressed
  • be in a new file with a new name each time, otherwise remnants of the old file (even though deleted) will cause errors.


Bulk Applications

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