Industry Overview

Use the headings to link to information on the industry standards, exemptions, compliance and breaches, creating an account or how the washing process works.

The Do Not Call Register was developed in response to community concern about the growth in unsolicited telemarketing calls. The register is a secure database where members of the public can list their numbers to avoid receiving telemarketing calls and marketing faxes.

You need to be aware of your legislative requirements and ensure that you comply with them. If you:

  • make telemarketing calls or send marketing faxes
  • cause telemarketing calls to be made or marketing faxes to be sent
  • make or commission calls to conduct opinion polling
  • carry out standard questionnaire-based research.

The register provides a service for those making unsolicited telemarketing calls or sending unsolicited marketing faxes to check or ‘wash’ their number lists against the register. The washed list is returned with registered numbers identified.

Using the register

  • Does the Do Not Call Register legislation apply to my activities?
  • What exemptions apply under the Do Not Call Register legislation?
  • What does it mean to have ‘consent’ to call or fax someone?
  • How do I check my number lists against the Do Not Call Register?
  • Can I get more information about consumer registration?

Industry standards

  • What are the industry standards?

Compliance and breaches 

  • How does the ACMA approach compliance?
  • What events would be considered a breach?
  • In instances of breaches, when would pecuniary penalties be sought?
  • What penalties apply to breaches of the legislation?

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