Watch out for Do Not Call Register 'fee' scam

Scammers claiming to be associated with the Do Not Call Register are calling consumers and asking for personal information such as financial details.

The ACMA is reminding people that this is a scam and never to give this type of information, as part of National Scams Awareness Week 2018.

These scammers often make false promises to block ‘nuisance’ calls or to re-register people on the Do Not Call Register. They also sometimes use accurate personal details sourced elsewhere to make calls appear legitimate, and some calls may come from overseas, even if the calling information appears local.

NEVER give an unknown caller personal and financial information without first verifying who they are. If in doubt, most legitimate callers will understand if you want to take their details and confirm who they are before calling back on a verifiable number.

Facts about the Do Not Call Register

The Do Not Call Register is a FREE service for consumers to easily, securely and permanently register your landline, mobile and fax numbers to reduce unsolicited telemarketing.

1. The Do Not Call Register will NOT call you to register, update your registration or re-register you.

Once you register, it is permanent.

2. The Do Not Call Register will NOT ask you for any fee or any financial information such as your credit or debit card details.

Registration is free.

3. The Do Not Call Register will NOT block numbers.

The Register is used by legitimate telemarketers to remove numbers from their calling lists prior to making calls.

Want to register or make a complaint?

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