Automated washing service via SFTP

This channel provides an automated solution for checking large lists against the Do Not Call Register via SFTP protocol.

This channel is suitable for a program to send a large quantity of numbers to be washed all at once without any user involvement and where the turnaround time is not critical (however, most washes are complete in less than a minute). It is not suitable if the user needs a real-time response.

When washing through the AWS/SFTP (Automated Washing Service/Secure File Transfer Protocol) channel, files are sent to the user’s allocated SFTP folder in the register. Owing to strict security requirements, the register follows a three-step process:

  • It moves the file to a database-accessible location.
  • It sends the file to the File Washing Module for washing.
  • It moves the result file back to the user’s SFTP folder to be picked up by the user.

The user will not be warned of invalid entries and offered a chance to abort. Invalid entries will be charged. The user is expected to put validation logic in the program and prevent any invalid number being sent to the register.

The register offers summaries through the website and a daily summary email with the following information:

  • access-seeker details—ID, ABN/ACN, account-holder name
  • subscription details—type and expiry date
  • daily transaction details—number of transactions generated and total number of numbers washed each day
  • account balance at midnight each day.

This is an account set-up option and generates a daily summary, even if the user did not do any washing.

How to wash using SFTP

Access seekers must create an account and purchase a valid subscription (type D and above) in order to apply for access to the automated wash service.

Access seekers who wish to apply for access to the AWS must send an e-mail request to IVE (, requesting to be granted access to the automated wash service via SFTP. The e-mail needs to include: 

  • organisation name
  • contact name
  • mailing address
  • e-mail address
  • mobile number (password will be issued to this number)
  • external (public) IP Address of device to be used to access the SFTP interface

Usernames will be issued to access seekers via e-mail.

The SFTP fact sheet outlines specific technical information you might require to use the automated washing service. Additional information is also provided on generating a SSH key authentication.

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